Delivery Information and Terms of Sales.

By using our website and making a purchase, you are agreeing to all the terms on this page.

We Deliver to all of The European Union, mailing most of your orders from our warehouse in Northern Spain.

Orders will be sent by recorded delivery from Spain and tracking info provided on request.

Most orders to the UK should arrive within 7 WORKING DAYS please note that working days are only Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays in either Spain or your destination Country.

However in exceptional circumstances it can take up to 30 days so we do not class items as lost until 30 days from the day of mailing has passed, therefore we cannot offer any refund for non arrival of orders until that period has passed. (This does not affect refunds for any other reasons).

Please understand that it takes longer for an Item to arrive from Spain than for items from within your own Country. The items are sent normally by Spanish Correos and they use road transport for E.U. mailing.

Tracking Info is provided by and or and is for a guide and sometimes may not always be correct or complete, we can only see the same information as you can so please do not email us asking for us to check it for you. We can send you the tracking info on request so that you can check it.

Refund Policy.

We fully refund the total purchase cost via paypal if your item does not arrive within 30 days of the mailinbg date.

We may offer a full or partial refund via paypal for any damaged items in transit or for incorrect items, this is at our sole discretion and we may ask for the item to be returned to us. We would pay for return postage and would issue any agreed refund upon the returned item´s arrival to us.

All refunds (Except for non delivery) are at our sole discretion, if you contact paypal before contacting us for a fee reversal, or for a refund if we have decline one, then we may add your email address to various online websites that store email addresses of those that have used paypal for a refund against our wishes. This may affect you for future purchases as many online sellers use automated systems to check orders on these websites to prevent sales to people who repeatedly obtain refunds against sellers wishes and/or their own refund policies. If we were to do this we would advise you of this upon paypal notifying us that you have lodged a fee reversal request. You would then still have the option to remove the request before we add your email address to any of these websites.

We are here to help and it is extremely rare that we would refuse a refund for a genuine reason, so please contact us first regarding any kind of complaint before escalating it to a paypal claim. Paypal also prefers that buyers try to resolve any problem with the seller first.

Our email address is